Man are you Funny!

After hearing these words most of his life, Tommy Hilcken decided to take the funny on the road. That is when he discovered his true passion was to entertain families and children as his extremely popular character, Tommy Knucklehead.

Soon after Tommy created one of the most successful talent agencies providing Premium Entertainers throughout the world.

Specializing in: Birthday Parties, Communions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Blue & Gold Banquets, Family Gatherings, Weddings, Block Parties, School Functions, Trade Shows, Corporate Parties & Functions, Grand Openings and Project Graduations.

Our Mission: To provide the Funniest Entertainers on the planet!

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Walk-Around “Close-Up” Magic Show

Walk-around “close-up” magic is one of the best ways to give your guests custom and personalized entertainment, a unique way to add fun and excitement to your next special event. Casual, flexible and personalized entertainment performed a few minutes at a time, from group to group and table to table.Magic that happens right under your nose and even in your own hands!

The ability to entertain your guests without having to occupy everyone’s attention all at the same time. Jaw dropping sleight of hand guaranteed to add the energy and excitement your event needs and your guests want.

Entertainment that won’t offend your guests in any way and that is sure to help make your event unforgettable.

Comedy Magic Show

The Comedy Magic Show is a fun, fast paced and clean program filled with audience participation and amazing demonstrations, guaranteed to leave your audience astounded. The show starts with a hilarious introduction that will immediately have all of your guests participating right from their seats. This will get them excited about what they are about to experience.

Volunteers are needed from beginning to end. While nobody is ever forced to come up on stage, there is always an abundance of participants who can’t wait to help out. All of the routines are based on the interaction with the audience; therefore, no two shows are ever the same. Guests may witness a demonstration with a deck of cards, a borrowed bill or a random object selected from their table; however, nobody ever has to worry about being embarrassed or offended in any way.

Everyone will leave with pleasant memories of your event and an appreciation of this unique and modern entertainment.

Hypnosis Show

The stage hypnosis show is a fun, fast paced and clean program filled with audience participation and amazing demonstrations of the powers of the mind. The show starts with a hilarious introduction to stage hypnosis that gets everyone laughing and excited to be a part of the show. Of course, nobody is forced to volunteer, but SO many people want to experience hypnosis!

After the introduction, we will have more people volunteering than are necessary. About 15 to 20 lucky participants will be seated on stage in a row of chairs facing the audience. All are hypnotized and the fun begins! They take on different personalities, have their environments changed and perform funny routines that are designed to have your audience keel over in laughter, but not embarrass the participants.

Everyone (including the volunteers) will leave with pleasant memories and appreciation of your event.

Mentalism Show

You’ll question reality after witnessing this Mentalism Show. Predictions are made, minds are read, and thoughts are influenced. All with 100% accuracy. Volunteers from the audience will participate in one-of-a-kind demonstrations guaranteed to leave even the most skeptical and sophisticated audiences in awe. Larry combines his extraordinary mental capabilities with his unique style of humor, into a performance that never fails to impress.

Your guests will:
Laugh, applaud, and scratch their heads… all at the same time! Witness the impossible as predictions and premonitions come true, over and over again. Experience a modern and unique performance like they have never seen before. Gasp out loud as they witness the impossible right before their very eyes. Participate and interact. Everyone wants to experience having their mind read.

You attendee’s will rave about your event for years to come!



Here's what Customers are saying...

Dear Tommy, You left hours ago and our guests are still talking about how hilarious your show was. I just looked at the video and the laughter says it all. The kids went crazy for your tricks and we loved how many of them got to participate in the show.The adults were treated to a real comedy show and loved LOL-ing. Thank you for your professionalism and the ease in booking you to perform.
- Nina Pineda, Consumer Reporter ABC TV NYC

I just wanted to tell you... you were AWESOME!!! All the adults were impressed at how much they enjoyed themselves. You were great at crowd control ( with the kids ) and remembering their names! I don't know how you did that?
The balloons that you made were fantastic! The butterfly and the bears for the girls were outstanding and nobody expcected anything like that. Thanks again for everything!

- Pam Upadya

Tommy - I just wanted to say thank you again, for doing John Patrick's birthday party. You were terrific and John Patrick told me that night his birthday party was "awesome." Thank you so much. I hope you get some calls from some of my friends. Take care, and thank you again.
- Allison Walsh

Tommy, you put on a spectacular performance that we are all still talking about today. You were a big hit, not only with the children but the adults too. You will definitely be at the top of our list for entertainers if we ever should need one again. Once again thank you very much. Your performance was fabulous and is still fresh in our minds.
- Janet Probert


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